Finding My Self Amongst Shamrocks

Have you ever found yourself thinking about how you would react if you got out of your comfort zone? Have you ever found yourself wondering what to do with your life? Have you ever found yourself believing that you could change? Have you ever found yourself?

Before I went to Ireland, I knew that I had to get out of my comfort zone to strengthen my identity. I did not know that I did not know myself. During a lecture about different theories regarding travel literature, I realized that you do not necessarily discover yourself through exploring a new country; you have to encounter the culture and the people through dialog. While traveling, you get the chance to unravel your identity, because no one has any assumptions about who you are. You get the chance to figure it out from scratch. I have discovered that I am way more social than I thought I was. I have pushed my limits, and I found out that I am capable of a lot more than I am at home where everyone thinks they know me. I thought I knew me. I came to an unknown territory, I did not have my usual social circle and I was definitely out of my comfort zone. And I survived.

The fact is that when you get out of your comfort zone, you are forced to find out how you react, and by this you have changed yourself and your perception of who you are. If you’re in doubt about what to do with your life or who you are; the solution is simple, yet transgressive. Travel the world and you will discover yourself; be more open minded towards the world than you are towards yourself to become yourself.


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