We use labels all the time whether it is to define ourselves and others. A few are crucial for your power position within the society. In my course about gender, some of these labels were mentioned:

• Race
• Sex
• Gender
• Sexual orientation
• Class
• Religion
• Age

Why are they important? What does it matter? These labels do not say anything about who a person is. It helps us putting people into boxes, but personal values, humor and interests are not portrayed through labels.

There are more labels such as:

• Occupation (student, in between jobs or high position)
• Famility status (if you are a brother, aunt, nephew, cousin)
• Location within your country (if you are from Dublin or Galway)
• Pet owner
• Appearance

These labels matter in terms of how you identify yourself. They are parts of you, but they cannot identify you as a whole. There can be discriminating, violent, and even fatal consequences if you are of thewrong gender, sexuality, ability or race etc. Who is to decide the definition of what is right? We should not judge people before we know them. We should distance ourselves from labels so that we can get to know each other without any prejudices.Who knows, maybe your soul mate is a wrong person with a heart of gold who can change your life?

Labels are everywhere, and we use them all the time. But there are great variations within each label; for example, there are different ways to be religious, different extends of ability and different perceptions of age. We should set those labels aside and just see each other for what we are. If we identify ourselves, all of us, with just one label, we could gain an egalitarian society. I am human. What are you?

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