Welcome to Rainy Reflections


I moved from one rainy country to another rainy country. I am a Danish exchange student in Ireland who originally studies English linguistics and literature. This semester requires me to have courses within English in social contexts as well as voices, conflicts and identities. Besides these requirements, I also have a few electives. The courses that I am taking which fit these descriptions are:

  • Travel Literature
  • Cultural Studies 2: Language and Culture
  • Analysing Media Discourse
  • Gender: Sociological Perspectives
  • Writing for New Media

This blog aims to concentrate on identity through aforementioned perspectives. The posts will be of 250-300 words, even though I have way more on my mind. I will do my utmost best to make you reflect upon various themes regarding identity based on academic viewpoints. Hopefully, it will be eye-opening and just a tiny bit educative!